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Proud to Be Politically Correct

Some time ago a person I know posted this meme on her Facebook page. She's a lovely woman, educated, affluent, a mother to five children, and married to a successful medical doctor. I've known her for years. Despite being aware of her right-wing leanings I was stunned when I saw her post.

Take a good look at it. I'll wait.

Yes, the message offends me, first because - other than eating bacon - all the proclamations also apply to me and I'm very politically correct. Second, and more importantly, it demonstrates the decline in mental acuity of so many waving this new flag. If this offends you I hope it also serves as a wake-up call.

I'm convinced people have embraced so-called political incorrectness because the opposite -- political correctness -- has been linked to weakness and unAmericanism.

This is stupid.

However it happened, and I'm sure there are lots of theories, I'm afraid the label of political correctness will be hurled as an insult at nice people for a long time.

So bring it on! Accuse me of political correctness. Throw me in that briar patch of kindness, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity to other people. I'm guilty as charged.

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