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Two Things I Learned

I learned two things when Trump became president.

First, my government will not protect me. Should a president reveal him- or herself to be the maniac leader of a zombie cult, I will be on my own. All of us logical, reasonable, air-breathing non-zombies will be on our own.

Forget all the crap you were taught in high school about checks and balances. There may be balance, but there are no checks. The maniac has revealed himself and the 25th Amendment, the one about presidential disability, remains theoretical, pristine. Consciences and courage were discarded some time ago. I’m not sure when. Now they are anachronistic.

The second thing I've learned, and this is worse, is that there are a lot of normal-looking people in zombie cults. So when their maniac leader falls, or dies, we will still have the zombies to contend with. They will not die when their leader dies.

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