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If You Love Me


Write me no poems I much prefer prose

Poems tangle like puzzles no point they disclose

Don’t confuse me with lyrics don’t make me suppose

Don’t woo me with poems if you want to propose


You can’t write a sonnet that I long to hear

No quatrain nor quintain can make your heart clear

Poems obscure and disguise their lingo’s so queer

Leave the rhymes in your head whisper prose in my ear


No ghazals, no dactyls -- double or not

arouse me like prose -- they don’t mean a lot

Take your odes and sestinas not worth a cracked pot

but write me some prose and I’ll see what I’ve got


Keep the couplets at bay, don’t try for freeform

Swirl words all around me I’m the eye of your storm

That said I’ll surprise you I’ll keep your feet warm

Just spell out your feelings in paragraph form

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